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December 04, 2008


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Twitter's fun - I'll bet you come up with innovative ways to use it the more you get involved with it.

If we're not connected on Twitter, let's fix that! I'm at @MarlaBeck & will look forward to Tweeting with you. :)

Coach Marla

Love this concept... very novel. I am learning to engage in Twitter more effectively and now that I am writing with purpose, this may very well work for me. Where do you come up with such great ideas?

For me, bookending, while not a new concept is a new phraseology. I'd never heard it called that but think it's a fantastic name. :-) There
are some aspects of bookending that I already do - like announcing chat sessions as they start and finish. Taking it a step further to create accountability for other aspects of my workday is a fantastic idea.

What sort of feedback do you find you get from bookending on twitter? Do your followers acknowledge and encourage or are these bookending tweets mostly ignored?

In the past I've done invitational tweets/plurks announcing a timed writing session and inviting other writers to join me. They've been very popular. I should get back to those. I'll have to trial other bookending for myself as well and see what sort of results I get. Thank you! :-)

Hi Louise,

I'm so happy you clicked over to The Relaxed Writer from LinkedIn.

How did your editing session go? ;)

looking forward to connecting,
Coach Marla

Hi Phil,

You mean that teleclass participants & leaders are tweeting during their calls, yes? A very cool use of Twitter's real-time updates!

Thanks for stopping by & see you in the "Twitterverse,"
Coach Marla

Dr. Carolyn,

Thanks for your feedback. I'll look forward to seeing your bookending Tweets on Twitter!

Coach Marla

p.s. - my Twitter ID = @MarlaBeck


I really like this idea. I followed your LinkedIn answer about tweeting to this blog entry. I too have been wondering what Twitter is really good for, and although I am intrigued by it, I'm also a bit overwhelmed. I can see this being one really good use. I signed up for Twitter but am not using it yet.

So now, since I am supposed to be doing editing instead of messing around with LinkedIn, I am going to bookend the beginning of my editing session right here on this comment! I'm starting to edit right now! ;-)


Great post. Very useful!

I see a similar bookending process using Twitter happening during teleseminars ... for participants and sometimes presenters.


Phil Johncock

What a great idea, Marla. I haven't used twitter for support in the way you've described...but will begin now!

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