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January 03, 2009


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I know I am really listening when I participate in a conversation, and I talk in snippets, not goblets, waiting to hear a response (especially my favourite response: the silence of concentrated listening).

Hi Kim,

I'm not surprised you and Brenda Ueland are well-acquainted! She's long been a favorite of mine.

write well,
Coach Marla


I can really relate to your comment. Real listening is about slowing down to the present moment...a form of mindfulness practice, I think.

look forward to seeing you around here on The Relaxed Writer!

-Coach Marla

I know I'm listening when I'm not thinking about something else while someone is talking, and I'm not framing my next question or response to what someone is saying.

Thanks for posting wisdom from Brenda Ueland! She's awesome. I commit to deeper listening today...

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