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March 16, 2009


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Hi Scott,

It's so good to shake up our usual routine as you've begun to do with your pen-to-paper strategy.

Re: "A rough draft should be rough." Couldn't agree with you more. (See The Art of Not-Trying to read about the "Swiss Cheese draft," if you're interested: http://is.gd/ngiQ).

thanks for stopping by The Relaxed Writer,
Coach Marla

I turn off my computer frequently but truthfully I just started.

I have found it so far to be very illuminating concerning my writing. I write the way I did in the first grade with pencil and paper. The more sloppy the better then I organize and type it out.

I find this liberating for idea flow and single tasking to stay into the flow of my subject. I found this somewhere on the internet and it works well. A rough draft should be rough, if I remember the exact post right.

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