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April 15, 2009


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I took a media fast in 1994 after reading Julia Cameron's "Artist's Way" and never looked back. My productivity increases when I go back into the worlds I create through my writing.

Just bought "Freedom" for my Macbook Air today -- it's been a few years since I used it.

Today I felt as scared pressing "OK" as I did the first time! But combining offline time with my favorite writing music (Bach) and a 7-min. timer works beautifully for me.

Nice to rediscover Freedom today!

Hi Marla,

This is an interesting concept. Having to reboot to get back on the Internet might be extreme, but sometimes you need to pull out the big guns! I have found that I need to log out of facebook and LinkedIn when I am really concentrating. Knowing that the pages are open just a tab away on my browser is just too tempting sometimes. Just having to log in with my password is sometimes enough of a deterrent. I do need to legitimately use the Internet to research for my articles sometimes, but it's oh so easy to fall down the rabbit hole. Thanks for the resources!

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