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May 06, 2009


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That's funny that you read my post, and we posted something so similar, Marla--not to mention the addition of a floral photo.

I can see why you'd ask me to add you to my blogroll. We think alike!

Your readers can click on the link to my blog to read more along these same lines. I'll definitely be back here to read more.

Thanks for finding me, and for letting me find you.

All my best,

Natalia, thanks for stopping by.

Funny--today laughter and fun have come up in each of my coaching calls, and I'm writing about it now for a Facebook Fan update, too.

Spring is in the air!

Have fun with your pup and enjoy the sun,

Painting! Sitting in the sun at the park with my canine friend. Napping under the sun (not in the park) with my canine friend. Doing things that make me laugh!

Thanks for reminding me of these things ;)

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