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August 09, 2009


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Thanks Marla for the above mention! :-)

Hi Marsanne, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I truly empathize with your dilemma.

Some folks find relief by optimizing their paying gigs to better support their creative writing.

Others use the Nike maxim: "Just do it."

You know how it great it feels to invest time in exercising, even when things are beyond busy for you and you "don't really have the time?"

Afterwards, you're more energetic and often your available time seems more relaxed and plentiful.

I think that choosing to make some time (even a very little, at first) to write what we love can shift our experience of time in the very same way.

-Coach Marla

I have a hard time writing what I want to write. It's the time thing - In order to pay the bills, I must write things that I don't particularly enjoy, which cuts into my time for writing things that I do enjoy. You've inspired me to make sure that I make the time - now I just have to figure out when :)

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