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August 25, 2009


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Hi Kathy,

It's hard to "get it perfect" every day, isn't it? We work late one day, take time off to be with our families the next.

I was just talking to a coaching client about this today. Because "life balance" is dynamic, it can be helpful to assess our successes by considering the overall trajectory of our week (vs. day to day). "I'm 'off' today but on for the week..." is a great way to let ourselves relax.

Your son (http://is.gd/2yZid) is a cutie, btw. I can see how he'd inspire many a post on ParentTalkToday. :-)

-Marla | @MarlaBeck (Twitter)

Terrific post, Marla. And timely, given our conversation on Twitter about my working too late!

Tonight, my husband had to be away so my son and I ordered pizza and salad and snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie. Good stuff.

I subscribed to your blog. Such wise advice for harried writers -- and everyone else. Thanks.

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