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November 04, 2009


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If I'm at my computer I have a file in MacJournal that I keep "starter" ideas for blog posts and for articles I might want to pitch. But if I'm not at my computer, sometimes I email myself the idea (I always have my iPhone with me ;-) and I also use the iPhone 'notes' section. If something strikes me while I'm writing in my planner I also have a section for ideas in there. Generating ideas never seems to be a problem for me - following up on them is another story ;)

Funny, I meant to start archiving blog posts in hardcopy awhile back...your comment just reminded me to do so. I love exchanging ideas. :)

Great post! I have several "writing" notebooks that I use to keep ideas in. I try to have a separate notebook for all the different writing genres I work in--fiction, non-fiction, blog posts, etc.

I'm going to try to remember to date my ideas, thou. That's a great suggestion and one I didn't really think about!

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