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October 29, 2010


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My one and only reason for signing up for NaNo is because I need to make myself power through a first draft without running back over (and over, and over) the first thousand or so words. My inner editor is one pushy dude. I'm going to try and force a holiday on him.

@Louise, thanks for commenting. I've been enjoying your work over at ThoughtsHappen.

@Beth, I think you're right on track. As I re-read this post, I realize I've been rather "all-or-nothing" (something I caution clients against all the time). You're absolutely right: it doesn't have to be either-or at all. Your plan -- to participate with the community, take action on your dream and define the goal to suit you -- is a wonderful strategy, just perfect.
Hope you'll stop by again & let us know how it's going!

Interesting points, and advice well taken. I'm setting the goal to TRY NaNoWriMo, and to shoot for writing an hour a day. I know this will not produce 50,000 words in 30 days, but it is an achievable goal as I must also juggle the needs of family, household, and 2 small children as well. My feeling is that it is a kick in the pants that I need to quiet that little voice that tells me I'll never finish anything. :)

Excellent post, Marla. Thanks for giving permission to say, "No" to a shoe that doesn't fit every writer.

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