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December 03, 2010


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Thank you for your thoughtful comments!

@Jennifer, appreciate you stopping by. How lucky you were to have a mom who believed in you so!

@Dawn, overcoming others' negative messages about our writing aspirations isn't an easy task. Congratulations on saying "YES!" to your talents and dreams. It's been such a pleasure to work with you as your coach.

@Rebecca, I *did* develop the 90 rolls of film and met a fellow artist who became a good friend in the process. (She owned the darkroom I sometimes rented.) The finished contact sheets make a nice visual journal to complement my notes from the trip. But there's more to do!

Thanks again for all of your wonderful comments.

Life can be very annoying sometimes but everything has its price. We cannot go on living everyday basking in the sun, we have to sometimes get wet in the rain.. I love your story Maria.

Your post was very inspirational to me. My path, too, has been crooked. I'd share here but I think it would be too long. Thank you for sharing your challenges with us :-)


Did you ever develop those 90 rolls of film? I've toyed with the idea of photography too because I love light, angle, contrast, etc. But I've never been particularly good at it. Learning more is something I'd like to do eventually.

Meanwhile, I always knew I was a writer but I've wandered haphazardly through life without really getting serious about moving into my writing. I write in fits and bursts. I start projects I don't finish. I talk a lot about what it is to be a writer while my fiction gathers dust.

This week I enrolled in Uni setting up a study plan to take me toward a Bachelor of Arts. (Something I'd had on me, someday, for over 10 years.) It's exciting to be taking such a steadfast step toward taking my writing seriously and learning more about the craft.

I think most of us wander a crooked path to our true calling. Even those doctor friends of yours who seemed to move through a linear route toward their careers may find in their twilight that their destiny lay elsewhere.

Wow. What an amazing post. Your story is inspirational; thank you for sharing it.

I *always* knew I wanted to be a writer. I can trace this back to first grade. But then "life" - and damaging comments from others that I allowed myself to take far too seriously - got in the way. Even though I still *felt* that I was meant to be writer, I fought it. Thankfully, I finally realized I had to stop fighting and embrace the person I always knew myself to be. I am so grateful to have realized this and to now be "stepping into my power as a writer." ;-)


What a lovely post. So glad that you're on a positive path, both literally and figuratively. As with you, my road has definitely been one of many twists and turns. I really never saw myself as a "professional writer", but thank God my mom did and guilted me into it. Thanks for your inspirational story. Be well.

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